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How To Spread The Word Without Busting Your Budget

Sharing your religion with the world can feel really good and can make drastic changes in people's lives. One of the best ways to do so is to share bibles with the people that you know and meet, but you could be worried about the cost of doing so. It's true that the costs can really add up when you're buying multiple bibles, but there are ways that you can save money. Try these tips, and you can make spreading the word a lot more affordable.

Buy from a Used Bookstore

One of the first and easiest way to save when buying multiple bibles for other people is to shop at a used bookstore rather than a brand new one. Many people take their gently-used bibles to the bookstore for one reason or another, and costs are typically low. Not only is this a way to save money, but you will probably find that these bibles have been well-loved and have a lot of "character." For example, the previous owner may have highlighted favorite passages that others will find joy in reading.

Shop an Online Bookstore

There are online bookstores that specialize in selling bibles and other religious books in bulk. These are the types of stores that sell bibles to churches in bulk, and they can be great if you want to buy a lot of them. You will generally have to buy a case of bibles, which can contain 12 or more, but this is a great way to secure a lower price. Plus, you'll be ensuring that all of the bibles are the same version and the same size. In many cases, they are smaller as well. You can order either entire bibles, or you can choose to purchase copies of the Old Testament or New Testament to share with others.

(There are multiple online book stores where one can shop, including pioneerbook.com)

Check Out Dollar Discount Stores

Dollar discount stores, which sell their items for a dollar each or at other low prices, often sell bibles. These stores provide significant savings and can make your dollar stretch much farther if you are looking to spread the word with the people around you.

Buying a lot of bibles to give to the people that you know and meet can be a wonderful thing, but it can get costly. Fortunately, these ideas can all help you spread the word without going over your budget. Then, you can feel good about sharing without having to worry about the financial impact.